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The current port access arrangements includes the Port Identification & Proximity card (PIP). The PIP card was implemented at a time when our port operations were at a lower operational usage level. The process for acquiring a PIP card is largely related to safety considerations (proof of induction completion) as opposed to operational need and security.

A recent review into the current port access process has highlighted that the development and implementation of a new process would have significant security benefits and improve operational efficiency and long term business continuity for Tasports.

New process

In light of this, TasPorts has made the decision to move from the current PIP card access process to a Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) integrated with a TasPorts access card arrangement. Given that MSIC's are only able to be provided by nationally recognised security verification bodies, TasPorts has outsourced both the MSIC and process for acquiring port access cards, to a third party. This third party is capable of providing the MSIC integrated with a TasPorts access card.

The integrated card process has been established so that MSIC's can be printed directly on to TasPorts access cards. This ensures that the MSIC's are not simply identification but are also functional in providing access (micro chipped to enable swipe capability). This change will remove the need to carry both an MSIC and a PIP card, which in turn removes the ongoing bi-annual cost to port users in obtaining a PIP.

The new process will provide a more streamlined and user friendly customer experience in obtaining access credentials for the ports and will reduce complexities that are currently experienced in obtaining a PIP.

TasPorts has engaged the Veritas Group to be the MSIC issuing body. As such they are the preferred provider of MSICs for any companies and individuals accessing TasPorts ports. Having a preferred supplier for TasPorts provides a streamlined 'go to' body for companies to use.

Key Dates

We are working towards 1 October 2017 for the elimination of all PIP cards and the completion of transition to the new MSIC / access card system. A transition process has been mapped to support the change, and we will be providing key timeframes and further information in the coming months.

Between now and the end of May 2017, I will be taking opportunity to meet with companies that access the port and discuss the transition process in detail and during these meetings I will be able to answer any questions and work through resolutions where applicable.

The final stage in the transition process will be focused on retrieval of PIPs and ensuring all persons, who need one, have an MSIC. This process will occur between 1 July and 30 September 2017.

There is no need for you to take any action at this stage, we will be publishing relevant information and a link for applying for you MSIC integrated access card and further details on the PIP handback process in the near future, until that time access arrangements will continue as business as usual.

Should you have any queries, please email accesscontrol@tasports.com.au
Anna Flower
Manager Security & Emergency Management

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