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The focus of Tasports Towage is the management and operation of harbour tugs in all major Tasmanian Ports and the maintenance of pilot, work and line boats which service the shipping industry in Tasmania. Tasports Towage also offers marine management and manning services, offshore tug-barge towage services for general or specialist cargo, ship repair, construction and maintenance services.

Tasports Towage has three tug crews located in the north-western Tasmania, servicing Burnie, Devonport and Port Latta, a further three crews in Hobart and three crews at Inspection Head servicing Bell Bay.

Port Latta lines boat
Contract towage
Barge #11
Hobart Domain Slipway
Cruise ship arrival – Hobart
Tug manoeuvring
Storm Cove
Tugs and submarine
Cruise ship arrival – Hobart
Incat recovery

Harbour Towage

Tasports Towage provides harbour towage and ship handling services in five ports located around Tasmania. The Towage fleet consists of ten tug boats ranging from 50 tonnes Bollard Pull capacity down to 5 tonnes.

Emergency Towage and Salvage

Tasports Towage has the capacity to undertake emergency towage and salvage work when and as required as well as providing assistance and service runs for offshore platforms and exploration equipment.

Slipway facilities

The Domain Slipway facility in Hobart offers economical survey and maintenance of vessels located in the southern regions of Australia. The facility has three independent slips with the largest having a capacity of 1200 tonnes. Services provided include marine engineering, boiler-making, blasting and painting.

Pile driving and other specialist barges and floating platforms

Tasports Towage has a wide range of barges and floating plant suitable for a wide range of applications including coastal towage of large, heavy items, large stable work platforms and specialist functions such as pile driving.

Landing Craft

Tasports Towage operates the M.V. Kulanda, a motorised landing barge capable of carrying a wide range of equipment on its deck and able to access remote locations around Tasmania. The M.V. Kulanda is able to navigate in shallow waters and provide beach landings or loading / unloading from boat ramps. The M.V. Kulanda has a load capacity of 80 tonnes and has a roll on roll off capability through tis forward ramp making it ideal for the carriage of wheeled or tracked machinery. The M.V. Kulanda is an excellent vessel for the deployment and retrieval of moorings and buoys.

Pilot Boats

Tasports Towage maintains a range of pilot boats throughout Tasmania, able to deliver personnel and equipment to ships in both harbour and unprotected waters.

Work and lines boats

Tasports Towage has a large range of lines and work boats able to undertake a variety of tasks in the movement of personnel and equipment within sheltered waters.

Bareboat Charter

Tasports Towage has the capacity to provide clients with tugs or other vessels on the basis of short or long term bareboat charter as required.

Management of dry dockings

Tasports Towage possesses significant marine engineering and docking skills and experience within its personnel. Tasports Towage is capable of managing complete dockings of vessels on behalf of clients to ensure that dockings are kept to allocated timeframes and budgets. Tasports Towage supplements this service with the provision of replacement equipment to clients docking their vessels and, if desired, this can include the delivery and manning of vessels to and from the docking.

Tasports Towage Fleet

Our fleet consists of ten tugs.

Vessel Name Bollard Pull (tonnes) Propulsion* Location
ASD Tug Hobart
Mount Florence
ASD Tug Hobart
ASD Tug Hobart
ASD Tug Burnie
ASD Tug Burnie
ASD Tug Devonport
Campbell Cove
TSSN Tug Devonport
Risdon Cove
ASD Tug Bell Bay
York Cove
ASD Tug Bell Bay
Storm Cove
ASD Tug Bell Bay
Stirius Cove
TSSN Tug Bell Bay

*TSFN = Twin Screw Fixed Nozzles, TSSN = Twin Screw Steerable Nozzles, SS = Single Screw, ASD = Azimuthing Stern Drive

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Postal Address
GPO Box 202
Hobart 7001 Tasmania

Telephone +61 (0)3 6380 3075
Facsimile +61 (0)3 6222 6122

Email: towage@tasports.com.au