TasPorts is a state-owned company responsible for eleven Tasmanian ports and the Devonport Airport.

TasPorts is also the owner of Bass Island Line (BIL) and provides a safe and reliable shipping service for the King Island community.

TasPorts operates under the Tasmanian Ports Corporation Act 2005 

What we do?

TasPorts is responsible for the management and maintenance of essential infrastructure in Tasmania, which includes forestry terminal operations in Burnie and Bell Bay, all associated infrastructure at the Devonport Airport as well as maintenance of port berths, channels, wharves, landside assets, marine fleet and key navigational aids.

TasPorts ensures the safe control and security of all major ports and delivers critical pilotage services as well as provision of towage, slipway and refuelling facilities, supply of floating plant and equipment for marine engineering projects, and construction and coastal haulage. In addition, we maintain community-use waterfront assets in Sullivan’s Cove, Stanley, Inspection Head, Strahan and King Island.

Where we operate?