TasPorts is committed to meeting the needs of our customers and developing strong relationships. Providing reliable and valued services to our customers is fundamental to meeting this commitment.

TasPorts continues to operate and manage the state’s ports and associated infrastructure in a commercially viable manner, ensuring the long term sustainability for our customers and the Tasmanian community.

For more information on doing business with TasPorts, please contact 1300 366 742

TasPorts Terms and Conditions of Purchase

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TasPorts Terms and Conditions of Purchase - Goods
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TasPorts Terms and Conditions of Purchase - Service

Schedule of Port Charges

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Schedule of Port Charges 2018-2019
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TasPorts' Standard Terms and Conditions of Port Access

Credit Applications

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Credit Application: Company & Sole Trader/Individual
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Credit Application: Credit Guarantee and Indemnity

TasPorts Customer Service Charter

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TasPorts Customer Service Charter