Corporate Governance outlines the system of rules, practices and processes, by which corporations are controlled and directed.

Effective Corporate Governance is supported by strong relationships between the Board of Directors, the Executive Leadership Team, Shareholding members and other stakeholders and is demonstrated by TasPorts leadership.

TasPorts has two Shareholding Ministers:

  • The Tasmanian Minsiter for Infrastructure, Jeremy Rockliff MP
  • The Tasmanian Treasurer, the Hon. Peter Gutwein MP

TasPorts operates under a Corporate Governance System consistent with ASX’s key principles and recommendations of Corporate Governance, published by ASX Corporate Governance Council, and the Tasmanian Government’s Government Business Governance Framework.

The Company is managed by a Shareholder-appointed Board of five Directors, all of which are independent Non-Executive. The Board provide overall strategic direction to TasPorts.