At TasPorts we are committed to building the capability of our employees and leaders and building our culture so our people feel engaged and committed.

TasPorts is committed to conducting its business activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. To deliver on this, we have developed a five-year (2018-2022) integrated Safety, Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

This strategy defines four key objectives:

1. Achieve a fit for purpose risk and compliance program which enables us to meet our regulatory obligations and a best practice standard.

Managing risk is a primary objective. By managing risk, we can ensure our activities do not cause harm to people, the environment, property and our community. Pivotal to managing risk is our approach to ensuring compliance with applicable legislation.

2. Embed a culture of prevention and care

Across our business, we want workplaces in which health, safety and environmental protection is deeply embedded in our organisational culture. We strive for a culture of prevention and care for each other.

3. Prioritise environmental sustainability in our business

Our staged and incremental environmental sustainabiity initiatives will be undertaken within a strongly defined governance framework to meet TasPorts’ current and future business needs.

4. Enhance communication and engagement related to safety and environmental sustainability to maintain our social licence to operate

Effective communication is central to driving change and managing health, safety and environmental risk. As part of modern business governance, effective and transparent communication is critical.