TasPorts operate eleven Maritime Ports, four of which are classified as Security Regulated Ports and are outlined below:

  • Hobart
  • Burnie
  • Devonport
  • Bell Bay

The control measures for these ports are implemented in line with the requirements of the  Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act (MTOFSA) 2003 (Cwlth).  A security regulated port is defined by an area that is used for movement, loading, unloading, maintenance or provisioning of security regulated ships.  These areas are fenced with signage that indicates the access restrictions to port facilities and other maritime security zones within the port.

Maritime Security Levels

There are three levels of maritime security that reflect the security situation at the port at any given time.  TasPorts currently operate under Maritime Security Level 1, which is the lowest designated security alert level.

Level 1 (low) The port is operating normally and that the usual day-to-day protective security measures are in place.

Level 2 (medium) There is a heightened risk of a security incident occurring and that additional protective security measures will be maintained for a period of time.  At this level, access to the port or certain port facilities may be restricted.

Level 3 (high) There is a probable or imminent risk of a security incident, and further and specific protective security measures will be maintained for a limited period of time.  At this level, access to the port and port facilities will be heavily restricted, and will most likely trigger responses under the National Counter-Terrorism Plan.

Restricted Zones on Port

At any time there may be a number of restricted zones in and around the port that will be managed by security guards and additional fencing. They are established around certain activities such as international ships and in accordance with the maritime security regulations.

These zones are:

  • land-side zone
  • waterside zone
  • cleared zones

The locations may change depending on the security level.  Signage is erected on our gates, fences and wharves to indicate if a zone is active.

The Waterside Restricted Zone, is 50 meters from the wharf and signage will be displayed for this. Access to any zone is only allowed by authorised personnel and unauthorised access is prohibited.  It is an offence under the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act 2003 to, or attempt to, access these zones unless authorised. In the event of a breach to a zone, a penalty may be imposed.

The following signage is applicable to the zones.

Port Access

TasPorts have a number of control mechanisms in place to manage port security. These include but are not limited to perimeter fencing, access control points, identity cards, signage and CCTV. 

For all security regulated ports, Port Users must hold a TasPorts’ Maritime Security Identification Card printed on a TasPorts’ access card. 

For non-security regulated ports, all port users are required to hold a Site Access Pass.

Site Access Pass

The requirements for having an MSIC or Site Access Pass and entering TasPorts sites is that you must have an operational need and must have completed the TasPorts induction.

Information on the MSIC application process and/or Site Access Pass process can be found here.

For queries regarding access to any TasPorts sites, please contact Access Control on 03 6222 6054 or email accesscontrol@tasports.com.au


Visitors can enter the port on the condition they have an operational need to do so, and are fully escorted by someone who holds a valid MSIC access card. Visitors are granted a maximum of five visits under escort, and if further access is required after this time they will be required to apply for an MSIC prior to their next visit to a security regulated port. ‘Apply’ refers to having completed the MSIC application online, completed the induction online, lodged and paid for their MSIC application prior to access to the port being approved. MSIC application process can be found here: https://www.tasports.com.au/corporate/msic-access-induction/ 

TasPorts operate a 24/7 Security Operations Centre which is responsible for monitoring and managing security related activities state-wide.  Any queries regarding security or other port matters can be directed to 1300 366 742.