Australia’s island state is the perfect place to cruise; from the world’s largest most palatial ships to small luxurious expedition vessels, passengers will love the opportunity to explore Tasmania’s vast waterways, calm channels, archipelago of islands and one of the world’s deepest harbours, Hobart.

Tasmania is renowned as a place of great natural beauty, intriguing wildlife, fine food and beverages (including award winning whiskey, wines, beers and cider), culture and heritage.

Your passengers can meet a Tasmanian devil, pat a baby wombat and feed wallabies and kangaroos a short drive from Hobart, and in the same day explore one of the world’s most talked about Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). Mona is architecturally stunning and Australia’s largest privately owned museum; it is a gift to the residents of Tasmania by philanthropist, gambler and art collector David Walsh.

Tasmania has a living heritage found in Australia’s most significant historic convict site, Port Arthur on the Tasman Peninsula and the Hobart Female Factory. The rich European history of Tasmania can also be found in many towns and villages, and interpretation of Tasmania’s original indigenous population is also there to be explored.

Over one third of Tasmania is protected as either World Heritage Areas, National Parks or State Forests; providing the opportunity for guests to experience true wilderness.

Experiences can be by zodiac on a pristine white beach, a walk in the forest at the Tahune Air Walk, or flying high on a zip line at the Hollybank Treetops Adventure. There is something for all types of cruise passengers.

Agri-tourism, fine produce and beverages are bountiful, making for fabulous on shore activities, as well as for provisioning ships. Tasting Tasmania’s produce is a preferred activity of tourists; we have festivals around the island to celebrate our flavours, gourmet walking tours and meet the maker experiences.

Around the state there are plenty of activities and tours available for shore excursions, catering to large or small groups. During the day, evening or overnight our tourism operators can assist in developing a program that is just right for you.

For further information on the Tasmanian cruise ship segment, visit Tourism Tasmania‘s website.