Meeting point

All arriving cruise ship passengers and crew transit through the Macquarie Wharf No. 2 Cruise Terminal located opposite the University School of Arts building on Hunter Street.

Members of the public meeting a passenger or crew member can arrange to meet them inside the Cruise Terminal.

The terminal is surrounded by public voucher parking spaces located around the waterfront. The public are encouraged to park their vehicle in a voucher parking space then walk to the terminal to meet their passengers. Parking vouchers are valid for 2 hours parking.

Pre booked private tours or passenger transfers

Private operators with a pre-arranged booking from a cruise ship passenger can meet their passengers inside the Macquarie Wharf No. 2 Cruise Terminal. Tour guides are permitted to take in an A4 sheet with the names of the passengers they are collecting to help passengers identify their guides.

Private vehicles for pre booked tours can follow the below guidelines for parking while meeting their passengers:

Vehicles up to 4m:

Voucher space: Should park in a 2P voucher space around the waterfront and walk to the terminal to meet their booking.

5 minute set down area: A 5 minute set down area is available outside the Cruise Terminal for passenger pick up. This area is available for 5 minute parking only for pre bookings and is available on a first in first served basis.

Vehicles over 4m:

For large bookings requiring greater than 12 seater vehicle, please contact TasPorts to make arrangements to collect your passengers. Arrangements are made on a case by case basis dependent on the level of traffic associated with a specific cruise ship visit.

Tourism Operators without bookings

Destination Southern Tasmania manage a set of permit parking spaces on Hunter Street for tourism operators without bookings to offer their tours to passengers. Tourism operators interested in obtaining further information about the permit spaces should contact Destination Southern Tasmania directly.


A Taxi rank is located immediately outside the Macquarie Wharf No. 2 Cruise Terminal with an associated taxi feeder rank located outside the Port Control Tower.

To view a map showing the above parking locations click here.