TasPorts plays a key role in preventing the introduction of pests, diseases and weeds into Tasmania that have the potential to adversely impact on Tasmania’s unique environment, agriculture, tourism and our economy.

TasPorts provides facilities for the inspection and treatment of biosecurity threats and works closely with both the State and Commonwealth Government biosecurity agencies to provide and maintain First Points of Entry, Approved Arrangements and Approved Quarantine Places to assist in the prevention of biosecurity threats.

Biosecurity Tasmania must be notified of:

  • any plants, pets or animals on board a vessel prior to arrival at any Tasmanian port
  • any insects or foreign materials which may pose a biosecurity risk
  • any human health matters relating to any crew or passengers on board the vessel

Please visit the DPIPWE website for more information on local, domestic and interstate vessels arriving into Tasmania, or call 1300 368 550.

Please visit the Australian Department for Agriculture and Water Resources website for International and foreign vessels arriving into Tasmania or call 1300 004 605.

Fumigants at TasPorts’ Facilities

In addition to State and Commonwealth requirements, the use of fumigants for biosecurity and pre-shipment treatment of commodities, at any of TasPorts’ facilities must be managed in accordance with the TasPorts Environmental Standard – Use of Fumigants at TasPorts Facilities.

This standard requires fumigation contractors undertaking fumigation at TasPorts facilities to provide a Fumigation Management Plan for the proposed fumigation. It also:

  • prohibits in-vessel or in-transit fumigation using methyl bromide at any TasPorts facilities at any time
  • prohibits under tarp fumigation using methyl bromide for bulk export commodities at any TasPorts facilities at any time
  • prohibits the release of the fumigant methyl bromide to atmosphere, including during venting, from any TasPorts facilities, effective from 1 October 2018
  • mandates the use of methyl bromide recapture technology on and from 1 October 2018


Fumigation Permits

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Permit to Fumigate - In Vessel
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Permit to Fumigate - Landside

Fumigation Standards

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Standard - Use of Fumigants at TasPorts' Facilities
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Flowchart - Permit to Fumigate or Ventilate
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Fumigation or Ventilation Checklist