Huon Quays: Registration of Interest

TasPorts, the owner of the land and premises located at Huon Quays Drill Hall, Part 13-17, McVilly Dr, Queens Domain TAS 7000, is considering a long term lease of part of the land (Site) to the market.

TasPorts wishes to assess the level of interest from the market to lease the Site and is undertaking a Registration of Interest (ROI) process.

If your organisation is, or may be interested in leasing the Site, please register your interest by sending an email to outlining the following minimum information:

  • Contact person and details
  • Name and registered office of ROI respondent, including ABN / ACN
  • Details of your organisation including Parent or Group Entity (including ABN / ACN). If responding on behalf of a consortium, provide all consortium details
  • Brief overview of your business (including financial capacity to lease the Site)
  • Nature of interest in, and intentions for, the Site

Please submit your ROI by 10am Friday, 31 January 2020

Following receipt of your ROI, TasPorts will consider if your ROI represents a bona fide interest in leasing the Site.

Those parties that are determined by TasPorts (in its sole discretion) to have a bona fide interest in leasing the Site, will be required to execute a confidentiality agreement (to be provided by TasPorts) prior to being issued with an Expression of Interest (EOI) document providing further detail about the Site, process and terms and conditions of tendering.

Note this ROI is not a commitment or representation of any kind that TasPorts will issue an EOI or tender for the lease of the Site.