TasPorts owns and operates slips at several locations around Tasmania. TasPorts slips offer economical survey and maintenance of vessels located in the southern regions of Australia. Services provided include marine engineering, boiler-making, blasting and painting.

Domain Slip

  • No. 1 capacity (t): 1200
  • No. 2 capacity (t): 180
  • No. 3 capacity (t): 25

Strahan Slip

  • No. 1 capacity (t): 80
  • No. 2 capacity (t): 100

Flinders Island Slip

  • Lady Barron Slip capacity (t): 35

For all slip enquiries, please contact 1300 366 742 or reception@tasports.com.au

Information on slipway pricing is available in our Schedule of Port Charges below.

Schedule of Port Charges 2018-2019

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Schedule of Port Charges 2018-2019