Meet the Fleet

TasPorts' Devonport-based fleet consists of one pilot launch, two tugs, a barge and two workboats capable of undertaking a variety of tasks in the movement of personnel and equipment.

Devonport is one of four major ports located around Tasmania where TasPorts provides pilotage and harbour towage services.

TasPorts also provides on-water lines services at the Port of Devonport.

Our marine crews located in north-western Tasmania service Burnie, Devonport and Port Latta.

For more detailed information about vessel specifications, visit our TasPorts Fleet page.


The Wilga is named after an old steam tug, which was built in England in 1945 and operated in Victoria Quay in Fremantle.

TasPorts’ Wilga was built at Ocean Shipyards in Fremantle in 1991 – close to the same area her namesake worked.

With a tow winch fitted aft and a bollard pull of 45 tonnes, the Wilga is not only a capable harbour tug but well equipped to conduct commercial towage tasks.

Vessel Specs

Campbell Cove

The Campbell Cove was built in Newcastle, NSW in 1976.

She is the only tug in the TasPorts fleet to use twin screw steerable nozzles (TSSN) as a form of propulsion and she has been modernised with the addition of a Render-Recovery towage winch forward.

With a bollard pull capacity of 34 tonnes, tow hook and retrieval winch aft, the Campbell Cove is a capable tow vessel supporting operations at the Port of Devonport.

Vessel Specs

York Cove

Purchased from South Korea alongside the Risdon Cove in 1998, York Cove is the perfect companion tug at the Port of Bell Bay.

Built in 1990, she has a bollard pull capacity of 28 tonnes and is 28 metres in length.

The Tamar River on which the York Cove operates has a long history of tug residents.

In fact, in the 1850s the area was the first in Tasmania to enjoy the services of a dedicated tugboat.

To this day the port has required the services of capable tugs to conduct a wide range of operations.

Vessel specs


Pilot launch Tamar was built in 1990 by Chivers Marine in Western Australia.

She is 13.2m in length, with a draught of 1.15m and a service speed of 17 knots.

In 2014 the vessel was re-powered to extend its service life and continue providing pilot transfer services for the Port of Devonport.

Vessel Specs


TasPorts uses workboats, punts and a barge for a range of operations throughout the Port of Devonport.

One of these vessels is the Rubicon; a 9-metre long vessel with a free-run speed of 9 knots and bollard pull capacity of two tonnes.

The Rubicon is capable of undertaking a variety of tasks including working as a lines boat and supporting the movement of personnel and equipment.

You may also catch sight of the workboat Dasher or the barge Eldon at the Port of Devonport.