illuminating Tasmania's Excellence in Exports

illuminating Tasmania's export capabilities in 2023, inspiring young people across Australia and the world.


20 March 2023

TasPorts is proud to support the 2023 Spirit Super Business Excellence Awards, recognising locally owned businesses that are taking the skills and knowledge of Tasmanians to the world.

Congratulations to the team at illuminate Education Australia for winning the Excellence in Exports at the 2023 Spirit Super Business Excellence Awards.

illuminate Education Australia, founded in 2010 by Tasmanian Adam Mostogl, has impacted over 12,500 students nationally, along with gaining international recognition for the vital work performed in schools and the wider community.

Inspiring young people to address local community challenges, illumination Education Australia provides an opportunity to deliver authentic entrepreneurial ideas to the community. Participants work through a relevant community issue and build a knowledge base around the issue to define the problem, creatively explore possible solutions, develop a business model to create sustainable change, gain a social license and pitch a prototype of their solution.

Spirit Super Awards 2023

Activating young Australian’s to be confident, creative and capable is the foundation of the program, with a focus on developing these core set of skills to help students prepare for the changing world around them. While business subjects have been available within secondary schools for some time, illuminate Education Australia discovered that students were leaving school without the knowledge of how small business operates in the real world. Mr Mostogl found that students who did study business electives at school found the subjects focused on the operation and functions of larger organisations which did not resonate with students when they were looking for employment in Tasmania.

Using experience and understanding, the programs have been designed to explore the skills they need to shape the world around them, understand the capacity they have within themselves and to start using it in an authentic way. With the Australian Bureau of Statistics reporting an average retention rate in secondary class rooms (years 7/8 – 12) decreased to 80.5% in 2022, the program aims to empower students to strive for a brighter tomorrow.

Developing the next generation of entrepreneurs.

illuminate Education Australia provides a number of programs and workshops to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the changing business world.

  • illuminate Junior program is a five-day program with three different team challenge styles available.
  • The illuminate Challenge is the flagship program for secondary students, with four different types of team challenges.
  • Agribusiness recognises the strength of the agricultural sector across Australia, with the illuminate Challenge modified to allow students to grow their knowledge and understanding of this industry field.
  • illuminate One Day Workshop introduces primary and secondary students to enterprise skills in a rapid and engaging way, with a mix of interactive ideas, idea development and problem solving.
  • illuminateX is a 10 lesson education program that has been designed for teachers to fit into their class lessons.