Berth 2 West Tug Berth


Port of Devonport

Time frame

April 2024 - June 2024

Current Phase

In progress

TasPorts has commenced work on its $2.4 million Devonport 2 West Tug Berth project. This project will see the construction of a new 50 metre rock revetment and installation of a new 65 metre tug berth pontoon, which will be supported by five struts back to the shore. The project will also see the replacement of TasPorts' small craft berth with a new 30 metre pontoon to the northern end of Berth 3 West.

The completion of this project will deliver suitable berthing infrastructure for TasPorts' managed fleet and will ensure safe access and egress in all tide ranges. It will also offer the opportunity to increase operational flexibility across the west side of the Port of Devonport.

Mobilisation on site commenced on Monday 8 April 2024, with project completion anticipated for the end of the financial year.